Macquarie Accommodation Badge System

To qualify for a “badge” on your listings, the property must meet ALL the requirements listed under that category.

If your property meets the requirements the listing will feature in the top search results when it has been approved.


  • Tags will not show until one of our staff have approved your listing.
  • If you have updated your listing to qualify for tags but they are not showing, please contact us to discuss.



  • Internet Access must be accessible to the tenant
  • Room Furnishing must include bed, desk and wardrobe
  • House Furnishing must include adequate furnishing for the number of tenants
  • Cooling/Heating must include at least one of the following:
    • Gas Heating
    • Electric Heating
    • Central Heating
    • Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

No Bills

  • ALL bills (incl. electrical/gas, internet (optional) & water) must be included in the rent


  • Smoke detectors must be present and working in room or property
  • Internal room locks must be working
  • External property security locks must be working
  • External lighting at the entrance must be working

Students: Give us feedback on your accommodation!

Accommodation Providers: Contact us for more information.