Frequently asked questions


Does Macquarie Accommodation Service check the property, the landlord and any people living at the property?

Generally no. The Macquarie Preferred Accommodation database is an information service only and whilst every effort is made to assist students to find suitable accommodation, any lease or other housing arrangement entered into are at the discretion of the student and the accommodation provider. It is vital that you inspect any property you are considering renting before you move in or sign any agreements. If you find once inspecting the property that it is not like how it was described or if it is not like the pictures then Macquarie Accommodation Service strongly recommends you contact us. We will use this information to be able to remove any advertisement which is seen to be misleading or a potential scam.

Can I advertise Homestay accommodation on this website?

Yes, however your advertisement may be better suited to being advertised through a recognised Homestay provider who will assist you by finding students for you. This is the preferred method of advertising Homestay accommodation and this may result in finding an occupant much quicker than through the Private Listings website. Please follow this link to get in contact with the Homestay providers.

I can't sign in, or I can't remember my password.

Please use the password assistance page to reset your password.

If you don't receive the email containing reset instructions, please contact us and we'll reset your password manually for you.

How long does it take for my listing to go live?

All advertisements require review by Macquarie Accommodation Service prior to being published. Generally the listing will be reviewed the following business day between 9am - 5pm Monday - Thursday and 9am - 3pm Friday. The Accommodation Office is closed Saturday and Sunday.

I can't edit the additional details on my listing.

We need to proofread the additional details you update to ensure that the information is correct and appropriate.

How long will my advertisement remain live on this service?

Each advertisement will be live on the service for 1 month. You will receive an email prior to the advertisements' due expiry date so that if the premises have not been leased that you have an opporunity to renew the advertisement.

If you lease the room or property prior to the expiry of advertisement please ensure to log back into the service to remove the listing. Finding a property can be a difficult and time consuming process especially when a majority of the time is spent ringing just to see if the property is still available.

What can I do when my property is no longer vacant?

When your property has been filled we require you to close the listing. This will ensure your property is inactive so students cannot view the listing and you will no longer receive phone calls. Your property details will be kept in an archive on the system for up to 2 years. So in 2 months time or 12 months time if your property becomes vacant you can log back into the website and relist the property. You can make changes before submitting again or leave as is.