Frequently asked questions

Condition Report

When do I need to give the Condition report back to the landlord?

The tenant should hand back a copy of the Condition report to the landlord within 7 days.

Can I (tenant) make alterations to the property without the landlord's permission?

No, you must ask permission before making any adjustments to the property, including the bedroom. If adjustments are made without letting the landlord know (eg., hanging pictures on the wall), you may be eligible to pay for the damage caused.

What is a Condition Report?

A Condition Report is a document that details the general condition of the property. Before a tenant moves in, the landlord will visually inspect the property and make clear any damages to furniture, carpet, or other belongings. For example, if there’s a small stain on the tenant’s bedroom carpet, the landlord should write as much information about this as possible.

After inspecting the entire property, the landlord should provide the tenant with 2 copies of the Condition report (one that the tenant keeps, and another which they’ll give back to the landlord). The tenant will then read through each comment and agree, or make adjustments if they don’t agree. For example, if the landlord says that the bedroom carpet is in good condition, but you as the tenant see burn marks on the carpet, you need to mention this on the form.

The Condition report is very important because it will be used as evidence if there are any disputes with the bond. In the example above, if the tenant agreed with the landlord on the Condition report that the bedroom carpet was in good condition (even though it had burn marks), it would be much harder to claim that you didn't cause the burn marks yourself, as the Condition report wasn't filled in properly.

It is therefore very important to read the Condition report carefully, and write down any marks, stains, or damages that you can see. Example of what a Standard form Condition Report in PDF format (size: 179kb) from NSW Fair Trading.

For more information on what a Condition Report is, please watch the following video - Condition Report Video.

Does a Condition report need to be filled out?

Yes, it is in the best interest of both the tenant and landlord to fill out a Condition report as it will be used as evidence when the bond is returned. A Condition report should be filled out, even if a bond is not required.